Birdie Feeling the Burn


To all who celebrate, Happy Easter!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a big supporter of Bernie Sanders for the current presidential election. So, naturally, I follow him on social media and keep up to date with his rallies and any recent news.

I’ve been pretty busy as of late, and haven’t been able to follow him as much as would like. So when I went on Facebook yesterday and saw him post the above picture, I was basically like – wait what? And immediately went to find out the meaning behind the bird.

Here’s a video:

I’m pretty sure this is the cutest thing that has happened in recent politics. According to articles that I’ve read describing the situation, the bird in the video had been flying around the stadium of the rally for hours before Bernie appeared on stage. And when he did, the fact that the wild bird landed so calmly in front of Bernie caused an outbreak of cheers from the crowd.

Popular comments on this video include:

“Hillary Clinton: *Covers stage in bird feed before next campaign speech”

“Even nature knows who is the kindest and most sincere.”

“It’s official. This makes Bernie a Disney Princess.”

I also love Bernie’s comment – “I think maybe there’s some symbolism here.” This is funny in that he acknowledges the bird and its relationship to his campaign. Naturally, the internet is using this as a comparison to Trump’s experience with a bald eagle – the country’s national bird:

On the youtube page, people are making comments such as:

“I think the birds are trying to tell us something.”

“Donald Trump calls for complete ban on birds entering the US.”

I find it interesting how quickly the internet and especially Bernie supporters have taken this and reconstructing it into something new. For instance, one of the most popular trending hashtags on both Facebook and Twitter is currently #BirdieSanders. This makes me incredibly happy because the internet saw an opportunity for a pun and took it! Good job, Bernie fans.

The internet has also quickly created memes and drawings. In this way, they are supporting Sanders in a way that is very iconic of 2016. Here are a few examples from Twitter:




I’ll sign off now. Have a good rest of the weekend everybody!


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