It’s not always feasible to go to the gym – maybe you don’t have the time or you simply can’t afford a costly gym membership. It can also be hard to know what types of work outs to do – and a personal trainer is not always an option.


For years now, I have been following a person I found on Youtube named Cassey Ho, a pilates instructor. She posts wonderful videos on her Youtube channel where she demonstrates how to perform pilates work outs for whichever parts of your body you’d like to focus on – for instance, abs, back, or “booty”. Her videos are very similar to fitness DVDs you might find at a store, or how it might be to attend a fitness class at the gym. The videos are meant to be followed along – so she is doing the exercises at the same time you’d be doing them. She plays fun music in the background, and yells out encouraging words during the exercises. Best of all, the majority of her videos are free

Not only does she have great videos, but I also love that she sometimes creates these exercise guides which are able to be saved on your phone for later or to be printed:


She also focuses on being body positive, and helps promote a theme of positivity and staying both physically and mentally healthy to her community of followers.

Don’t worry, I’m not benefiting by endorsing her! I really just think she has great material which can be a great asset to anyone needing new exercises, encouragement while working out, or the ability to work out at home and at whatever time is most convenient. I’ve been following her for many years, and her popularity has soared – she now has a very active Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and website which boasts a very large amount of followers. I think it’s great that social media allowed me to find her and benefit from her material, while also helping her gain a following.

To find her work, you can check out her website, BlogilatesInstagram, or Youtube.

I hope this helps! Let me know what you think of her workouts!




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