Twittering During MTV Movie Awards

I was dreading the task of live tweeting an event simply because before this, I have never used twitter. Yes, I know I’m in the minority – but it’s not as if I don’t partake in social media. I regularly use Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

I’ll admit upfront that this is the first time that I’v attempted to use Twitter. And I couldn’t have done it without my trendy, in-the-know younger sister, Veronika, who I look at as an expert on social media and what’s “hip” nowadays (despite the fact that she’s only three years younger than me).


So Veronika sat with me while watching the MTV Movie Awards, showing me the windows of tweeting and sub-tweeting and how to properly use a hashtag. She explained that during major award shows, she regularly uses Twitter as a means of participating in a community of people, sharing similar thoughts and feelings at pivotal moments on a show. It was such a new experience for me to also participate in this event while live tweeting, and honestly it was pretty fun.

The opening of the show began with the cast of Mad Max Fury. Kevin Hart and Dwayne dressed up as Batman vs. Superman, parodying the movie in an attempt to see “who is the better host”. Both Kevin Hart and Dwayne Wade made the MTV awards definitely more dynamic and fun to watch – and many others agreed:

While the Kevin Hart and Dwayne Wade duo was great – what I personally didn’t enjoy was the whole joke about “dickinabox”. I didn’t find it funny and instead just a bad attempt at humor. When Kevin Hart claimed that the hashtag #dickinabox would go viral, however – it did – with everyone tweeting it (and my sister demanding that I partake in this).

Another aspect of the show that I enjoyed was the fact that Melissa Mcarthy won the “Comedic Genius” award – being the first woman thus far to won this award. It was pretty awesome when she crowd surfed to go pick up her award!

Lastly – I’ve always been a fan of Will Smith. I enjoy his work, and he seems like a very genuine and nice guy. I’m not exactly sure what the “Generation Award” is – but I was happy that he won it! When he won the award, he joked that “When MTV first gave me this Generation Award, I thought it was code for the ‘old-ass dude award.'” Twitter seemed to explode when he won the award – with everyone saying how much he deserved the award and commenting on Will Smith’s past work:


I also partook in the Will Smith conversation happening on Twitter:

(I just realized I threw in an extra hashtag at the end of the post…I’m such a #TwitterNewbie)

Anyway, thank you all for reading!

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