Do You Fitness?

Hello friends!

I’ve spent the past couple of days trying to decide what to write about for my inquiry posts. I have a range of hobbies, and choosing just one to focus on for the next couple of months seemed slightly limiting. How could I choose favorites? I play the ukulele and guitar and have an appreciation for folk music (thanks to my hippie father), cook and bake often, love to travel, and I am into health and exercise.

So, after much consideration, my (tentatively) topic of inquiry will be health and exercise. I realized that at this point in my life, it is something that is more than a something I “do”, like a hobby. It is unquestionably a way of life for me, and something that I naturally incorporate into my days.

I have been regularly lifting weights for over three years. At one point I even would have considered myself a “bodybuilder” – whatever that means. I would plan my week over what exercises I had to do each day. I was the friend that put off hanging out because I had to do leg day. A few days after arriving to my dormitory during my study abroad trip to South Korea, I tracked down and persuaded the right people to give me access to the gym before exchange students were supposed to be allowed to use it. I also met my boyfriend my first week working out at the Korean gym – he was a trainer (and was probably impressed by my squats).

My favorite work-out shirt!

Nowadays, I notice that I’ve grown less intense about being a gym rat. I still go four to five times a week and almost exclusively do weights (cardio is actually the worst), but I’m no longer focused on how much weight I can do or how my biceps are looking. I do it to keep myself healthy, improve my endurance, and strengthen my body. It keeps me sane and burns off the energy and stress from school and work.

So for future inquiry posts I will look to the internet and social media to learn more about fitness and health. In the subcategory of health, I will include healthy foods, cooking, and ways to improve your energy. Since I almost always cook relatively healthy foods, this will also be fun and interesting for me to research and write about. In terms of my sources for information, I will look to youtube, instagram, pinterest, fitness-related blogs and websites, as well as blogs and websites related to healthy good. Of course, I might find my source somewhere completely new – which would be fun and a great way to learn!

Anyway – see you soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “Do You Fitness?

  1. As a former gym rat, and current health enthusiast, I will look forward to your posts. I entered a gym, following my boyfriend, when I was twenty and stayed because I found I loved my body with muscle and how it made me feel. Kathy Smith became my workout idol; I incorporated clean organic eating, and here I am. How interesting that you lived in South Korea! Can’t wait to read what comes next!


    1. Thanks for your comment! I try to eat clean when I can, but the life of a college student can sometimes be too hectic haha.
      I find that many women are often introduced to the gym-life by their boyfriends. It’s generally harder for females to get involved with weight training because it’s such a male-centric environment. Hmm maybe a topic for a future post? 🙂

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